Acoustic Protection

Thanks to many partners specialized in acoustic isolation, Lab Protect is able to offer you effective solutions to acoustic problems. Dimensions and ergonomics are defined in combination with your needs and layout constraints. The index of sound insulation and overall performance can be adapted to the type of experiment performed.

Our high quality solutions for the absorption of sound energy are characterized by a maximum sound isolation and mitigation of airborne and structure-borne noise.

Two solutions are available for protecting an instrument or a room from internal or external acoustic disturbance:

  • Acoustic enclosures
  • Insulation of entire rooms

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Acoustic Enclosure for sensitive instruments

Protect your sensitive equipment from airborne noise

These enclosures offer a broadband damping of acoustic noise through a multi-layer wall construction : organic fiber walls and insulating foam inside, melamine resin surface outside

They are designed to protect measurement device sensitive to acoustic noise such as Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM), SPM or electron microscope applications.

A wide range of standard internal size available as well as custom made versions.

Accessories can also be easily integrated : cable port, holes, open or closed base, integration to an existing working surface.

It is also possible to make a complete table mounted with welded steel frame, integrate our insulated table tops or couple acoustic enclosures with our vibration isolation tables.

Noise Reduction Enclosure for water chiller and vacuum pumps

These noise reduction enclosures are designed to reduce sounds generated by water chiller, vacuum pumps, nitrogen generators in laboratory rooms.

These cost effective solutions are easy to install, ergonomic and do not require to shutdown the pump.

A wide range of solutions are commercially available and suitable for all main manufacturers. Custom-made enclosures are also possible.

Entire room isolation

Lab Protect acoustic elements provide optimized acoustics and insulation of airborne noise for offices, industrial buildings, laboratories and test cells.

We provide expertise for protecting electron microscopes (SEM, TEM), scanning tunneling microscopes (STM) or any other high resolution instruments sensitive ro acoustic noise.

Solutions are tailored according to your working environment and technical requirement to achieve. Lab Protect offers guaranteed solutions for your projects (new building or existing room).

Our acoustic elements are available in various versions to match individual requirements such as wall elements, ceiling sails, enclosures…

Our delivery range also includes impact resistant, non-flammable materials to suit the particular application.

The material can also be color dyes or covered with printable fabric on request.

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