Active Magnetic Field Cancellation

Active Magnetic Field Cancellation

Active magnetic field cancelling means magnetic field shielding by establishing a counteracting magnetic field. It operates on the principle of a Helmholtz cage containing six loops positioned in three axes.

The magnetic field cancellation is performed by continuously generating real-time opposite fields, allowing improved image quality and reduced noise.

Active Cancellation System MR3

The active cancellation system MR-3 from STEFAN MAYER INSTRUMENTS provides great reliability with robust analog design, easy programming without crashes. Magnetic fields are measured with a three axes low noise sensor. It’s interface contains electronic controllers as well as power amplifiers directly connected to the compensating coils. More than 800 MR-3 systems sold worldwide.

Two ways of installation are available :

  • A local isolation with aluminum cage around the instrument
  • A global isolation of a room (or part of the room)

Product description
  • Continuous real time compensation of quasi-static DC and AC magnetic field disturbances in all three aces
  • Frequency range from DC to 1 kHz (up to 10 kHz for MR3 FAST version)
  • Magnetic field sensor with sub-nanotesla resolution
  • Typical 40 dB attenuation at 50 / 60 Hz
  • Digital display of the magnetic field value (with or without compensation)
  • Analogic display of the real time cancellation
  • Alarm functions (audible and visual)
You are observing disturbance while using your current Electron Microscope? Test our demo Active Cancellation System!

Our demo active cancellation system can be tested for already installed scanning electron microscope, focused ion beam and transmission electron microscopes.

AThis easy to install frame will be able to prove you if the disturbances you observe are really coming from magnetic field and will prove you how imaging can be improved.

Reaching specifications of an electron microscope manufacturer with a cancellation system can be easy, but obtaining the best performance and resolution with your microscope is at the end the most important and our main focus.

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