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Lab Protect is truly dedicated protecting your instrument
with the right solution

We provide our services all around Europe and beyond

Who we are

Get to know us better.

Founded by a team of highly experienced people, with more than 20 year combined experience in instrument protection, we are dedicated to help you use your instruments at their highest potential and let you focus on your research and analysis.

Lab Protect is specialized in the protection of laboratory instruments from environmental disturbances.

  • magnetic field disturbances
  • floor vibrations
  • acoustic noise
  • Temperature
Our company

We are always looking for what it’s best for our clients. Integrity, flexibility and reactivity are anchored in our genes.

Our Mission

Help laboratories understanding their environment, solve and prevent problems.

We Listen

Understanding your specific needs and constraints is our main focus.

What we do?

We do things differently

We are dedicated to providing you with the best products and services possible.

Whether you are acquiring a new instrument and want to protect it, having issues on current installations or anticipating future investments, we are able to analyze your environment and advise you the most suitable solution for your requirements.

Thanks to a large portfolio of products, with complimentary and carefully selected technologies from dozen suppliers, we will be able to provide you a tailored solution that solves your problems and match exactly your needs.

Microscopy applications (electron microscopy, optical microscopy and scanning probe microscopy) are our largest domain of expertise.

Independent Advice
Electron Microscopy
Magnetic Field Cancellation
Many reasons to

Why choose Lab Protect

When it comes to protect a sensitive instrument from environment, most of the laboratories don’t know exactly how to protect exactly their instrument, choose the right solution or be surrounded by the right partners.

If the external disturbances are not well isolated, it can be difficult achieve the highest performance of a sensitive instrument, get accurate or repetitive measurements, which can be frustrating for such high investment. As a consequence, scientists can lose lot of time, energy and productivity identifying or solving these problems, which can impact their research, development or quality control.

What we'll do

Choosing Lab Protect, it’s choosing the right experienced partner that is able to solve any of your problems with a transparent and customer orientated policy

When we are offering you a solution, we are really giving you our best advice and the most suitable solution for your application, environment and budget. We are dedicated working on your behalf and be sure you get fully satisfied.

When you decide to trust us, become a regular customer or give us customer referrals, you are also helping us improve the general knowledge of all laboratories in Europe.

We love to share and learn from past experience. Give a chance to Lab Protect and join our NOISE FREE COMMUNITY !

Our Products

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