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In order to understand the environmental influence on your instruments, Lab Protect provides on-site measurement services (vibration, magnetic field and acoustic).

Equipped with quality and high resolution measurement channels specially dedicated to the analysis of low frequency, we operate in all Europe.

Our main expertise is in the comparison of the specifications of sensitive electron microscopes, optical microscopes, scanning probe microscopes or any metrology equipment. We analyze your environment and can recommend guaranteed solutions that will protect your instrument from environment.

For specific vibration analysis, it is also possible to compare with vibration criteria VC. In case manufacturer have no specifications, our analysis and recommendation are based on 20 years combined experience in environmental protection.

In which case do you need an environment site survey?

Pre-installation study : You are acquiring a new instrument and want to know if your environment match the manufacturer requirements. It is possible to do an independent study with several manufacturer requirements before purchase or specific study after selection of the supplier

You are having issue with an instrument and want to improve their performance with the right isolation technology

You are planning to purchase sensitive equipment and want to budget and anticipate potential required isolation technologies

You want to know which technology is necessary to get your environment protected from vibration, magnetic field or acoustic, which guaranteed results.

Our Products

Summary of our products


Vibration Isolation

Protection of your laboratory equipment from low frequency floor vibrations : from vibrations isolated tables to foundations.

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Magnetic Field Cancellation

Protection of your electron microscopes from low frequency magnetic fields, with active or passive shielding

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Acoustic Protection

Reduce the airborne noise influence to your instrument through acoustic enclosures or specific room isolation materials.

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