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Protection of laboratory equipment from low frequency floor vibrations.

Depending on the behavior of your environment and structure of your building.

At Lab Protect, we will recommend a vibration isolation solution that match your needs, from the use of the right technology depending on your environment, to the cost effective solution adapted to your application, requirements and budget.

List of available solutions:
Vibration isolated tables
granite anvivibration table, optical table with honeycomb core and M6 threads. Any dimensions available, from standard to customer made tables, as well as a wide range of technologies (rigid frame, passive pneumatic supports, active tables, independent feet…).
Vibration isolated table tops
from passive pneumatic to active piezo solutions. Various dimensions available.
Active vibration isolation platforms
isolation of high end sensitive instrument, such an scanning electron microscopes (SEM and TEM), focused ion beam experiments (FIB) and scanning tunneling microscopes (STM). Active piezo technology with
Foundations isolation
isolation of concrete blocks in order to reach VC-criteria
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